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Basically you choose a character (and that could be basically any female character, since there's always someone hating on them...) and then you post about her for a week, starting this Friday, in a language of your choice. Fic, quotes, fanvids... go wild! I've staked my claim already, didn't even have to think about it twice :D
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Go on, run River Song through the Universal Mary Sue Test. And while you're at it, run Sherlock through it as well. You know you want to. And then come back and give me a number. I know some of it is subjective, so I'm curious.
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Fandom is crap sometimes.

That link goes to the blog of James Moran, who helped plot everything that happened on Torchwood this week. Go read it my lovelies, and ask yourselves what we as fans are capable of doing to these people that are behind the shows we love. We can support them and make them feel good, but we also have the power to completely crush their spirits and their faith in us. Wow.

I feel seriously ashamed right now. I mean, WHAT THE HELL prompts these people to do stuff like that? Why the hell do they feel so entitled?

Gah, I think I need to take a break for a couple of days, this is so ridiculous.


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