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Birthdate:Mar 2

Hello. My name is morelindo. Nice to see you've found your way here!
Things I talk about here
Mostly a fic journal these days.

I have decided to keep this as a place to crosspost things related to fandom, and store personal stuff somewhere safer. My Dreamwidth account is here. Comments on my LJ are still enabled, but will be screened. You can comment on Dreamwidth using OpenID and I have invite codes handy if you'd like to move over.

The Aubreyad. Harry Potter. Inspector Alleyn. Lord of the Rings. Lord Peter Wimsey. Sherlock Holmes, especially Granada and the 2010 BBC TV series. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The West Wing.

If you're looking for my fan fiction and other fanworks, you can head to [info]inis_mor here on LJ, inis-mor on Dreamwidth, or my AO3 account.

I am in charge of the film discussions at [info]shwatchalongs and a member of [info]team_mycroft on [info]thegameison_sh.

I like making themed playlists and fanmixes, so you can follow me on Spotify if you'd like.

Follow me on Spotify
Or if you want to stalk me, here's a link to my fandom twitter account.
The Facts
Twentysomething. Anglophile. London Lover. Genderqueer. Pagan.

My Sherlock mood theme was created by the magnificent [info]kohler. You can download it here. There are some really useful instructions on setting up moodthemes here.

Layout and profile code from [info]mentahelada, profile code by [info]shadedcolor, layout by [info]_yam_.

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My fanworks
SH Watchalongs
The Game Is On
Should Be Adam
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