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Today, I have some Russell fic. Because there is this man who loves her, you know... and I thought I'd try my hand at conveying what he'd think about that. In 221 words, last ending with a B, because I like the format ;) So go ahead for bees, Bs and Russell.

Man mag für mancherlei Gesichter Zärtlichkeit empfinden, wenn man lange genug lebt und ein empfindendes Herz hat. Aber es gibt nur ein Gesicht, das man liebt. Es ist immer dasselbe; man erkennt es unter Tausenden.

—Klaus Mann*

“Learn something here. Find some teachers and learn something.”

The words echoed in his mind as he put on the gloves to go out and tackle the bee hive. There was a shake to his hands that had nothing to do with his age.

He felt affection towards Watson, certainly. You couldn’t help but, for a man who was always ready to drop every other obligation at your call.

Irene had been an adventure for both his mind and his body. They hadn’t been on opposite sides, but working towards very separate goals. It had never been meant to last.

Russell had been the first person to challenge and engross him on every level. At this point, he wondered just who had been teaching who this whole time, and about what.

He had realised early on that he wasn’t cut out for marriage and everything that came with it. He had fathered a child, yes, but life these last few months, with Russell and Mrs Hudson, was probably the closest he had ever come to familial domesticity. He couldn’t help wondering what his life would have turned out like if he had met Russell twenty years earlier.

He chuckled to himself. Just like everything else in his life, his finally finding love was as unconventional as ever it could have been.

*translation: You may feel tenderness for a lot of faces, if you live long enough and have a sensitive heart. But there is only one face that you love. It's always the same; you recognise it among thousands.

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