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'&' between characters indicates that a fic is about two characters without implying a sexual relationship.

'/' between character names indicates a (potentially) sexual pairing.

Commas between character names mean that these characters make an appearance in the fic.

Ratings system adopted from I tend to err on the side of caution when rating.

Rating: K

Winter Wonderland: John. A babble written for the Sherlock Christmas Card Exchange: John walking through London in the winter.

Silent Night: Sherlock & John. My take on a BBC version of The Empty House, with a Christmas setting because it was written for [ profile] holmestice. 1,000 words.

Portuguese Irregular Verbs: Sherlock, John, Lestrade. A kink meme fill for the prompt Take Sherlock and his insane dedication to his work, and make it your work instead. How would his craziness manifest itself if he worked as [insert your profession here]? Or if you're a student, what would he have been like studying your chosen subject? 500 words.

Drink Tea And Carry On: Sherlock & John. Sherlock gets caught in the rain. John gets his doctor on. Tea is drunk. Written for [ profile] prettybirdy979, who asked for a fic wherein either Sherlock or John get caught out in the rain, so when they come home they're all wet. So it has a wet!Sherlock and a tiny bit of nudity. 1,150 words.

Rating: T

The Word of the Day Drabbles: Sherlock, John, Sherlock/John, Sally, Lestrade, Sherlock/John/Sarah. A series of drabbles written in December 2010, based on the words of the day from Various themes. No sexually explicit content, but some of them have kisses.

Two Minutes' Silence: John. John Watson remembers: the good, the bad and the ugly. Written for Remembrance Day. 700 words. T for Afghanistan flashbacks.

Some Advice From Sally: Sally, John. Sally Donovan gives John the lowdown on Sherlock Holmes. 600 words. T for mention of violence and drug use.

Pass Me My Phone: Sherlock, John. What exactly went through Sherlock and John's heads during that moment in GREA.

Fide Sed Cui Vide: The blog entry John wrote after Reichenbach happened. Warning for implied character death.

How It All Began: John. AU. A blog entry by Dr. John Watson, police surgeon for the Metropolitan Police. T for mention of drug use.

Rating: M

What You Leave Behind: John. A dark!John short fic, inspired by the darkfic challenge on [ profile] thegameison_sh. 500 words. M for mention of violence and murder.

Rating: T

To Prove That I Could: Victor/Creature, Victor's thoughts while building the Creature.

Rating: M

Out Of This World: Victor/Creature, It's all wrong, but right now, Victor doesn't care.

Invite Me In: Victor/Creature. An alternate version of the final scene of the play.

Rating: T

Second Star: Davy/James, There will be a time and a place, when we get there. If we get there.

Recs/Favourites Posts

X-Men: First Class

Crossposted from here. I'll add my other fic eventually, but at the moment, BBC Sherlock is kind of where my head is at most of the time. All my fanworks can be found at [ profile] inis_mor.
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